9 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business owners in 2021

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The right email marketing services enables a small business to meet its needs. Most of the small businesses are operating on a tight marketing budget. Email marketing is a cost-effective tool to stay in communication with your audience, leads, or customers. 

Email marketing provides a strong return on investment (ROI). A report published by the Direct Marketing Association shows that every $1spent on digital marketing generates $12.57 in sales. 

The money is in the list! If you don’t follow-up with your potential clients or customers, it will be almost impossible to have a profitable business. One of the best and easy way to follow-up with your potential clients or customers is through various email campaigns. So, therefore, it very important to choose the right email marketing software or service for your business.

Do you want to join the list of smart businesses in 2020? If so, staying in communication with your audience, prospects, or leads is a significant key to your business success. An email marketing tool will bring you one step closer to achieving success in your business. 

What should you look for when choosing the perfect email marketing Service for your business?

A user-friendly interface is perhaps the main feature to look for when choosing a good email marketing software. Customers are more inclined to read a newsletter with a simple interface.

If you need to send bulk emails but still don’t want to lose your personal touch in the process, a platform that offers bulk email marketing services might be a good option.

A good email marketing software should make it easy for you to keep track of your contacts, separate your potential clients or customers into different groups, and also track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

As you keep these essential features in mind, it gets easier to choose the best email marketing software or service for your business. Here is a list of 9 email marketing services comparison to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Constant Contact
  2. ConvertKit
  3. GetResponse
  4. AWeber
  5. Mailchimp
  6. MailerLite
  7. Keap
  8. Sendinblue
  9. Drip

1.- Constant Contact – Best email service provider

Constant Contact Best email provider

Founded in 1995, Constant Contact is one of the most extensive email marketing services across the globe. It has a user-friendly interface that gives you full control over your contacts, subscribers, and calendar. 

Their email automation software allows for multiple integrations on social media platforms such as Facebook ads and online stores. You can market your small business on social media through coupons. 

Constant Contact offers helpful guides for those with little experience in marketing. This is facilitated through email and phone support, live chat, and community support. 

There is a 60-day free trial. After that, the Email Plan starts at $20 per month, and the Email Plus plan starts at $45 per month. 

2.- ConvertKit – Best email tool for publishers

ConvertKit Best email tool for publishers

ConvertKit is a powerful marketing tool used by professional bloggers and authors. It comes with a 14-day free trial and packed with lots of useful features such as subscriber segmentation, auto-responders, and content upgrades.

This might be the right choice for content creators and professional bloggers who want to connect with their audience and make a living from writing.

The pricing starts at $29 per month after the 14-day free trial period has ended.

3.- GetResponse – Best email blast service for webinar marketing


GetResponse is a simple and straightforward email marketing service that is designed ideally for small businesses. This platform offers lots of helpful features and tools to help you succeed in your marketing campaigns. For instance, the drag and drop feature lets you decide the kind of content to send for a particular group.

GetResponse is a visually appealing tools, help you create beautiful campaigns and landing pages. This increases traffic to your site, thus boosting sales.

GetResponse pricing system that starts at $15 per month. A 30-day free trial is also offered. Those not so familiar with the platform can get support through live chat, webinars, videos, and other learning materials.

4.- AWeber – Most popular email service company

AWeber Most popular email platform

AWeber email marketing software offer marketing solutions to both small and medium-sized businesses. It is a popular platform that has been in existence for many years.

It is easy to use and contains lots of helpful features such as autoresponders, email list management, email template, and email tracking. These features give you a deep insight into how your subscribers and contact list respond to your marketing campaigns.

AWeber pricing starts at $19 per month. You save more if you choose the annual plan.

5.- Mailchimp – best all- in- one marketing automation suite

Mailchimp best all- in- one marketing automation suite

Mailchimp is another popular email marketing platform that offers a unique service plan, free forever. In this plan, you can send up to 12,000 emails.

However, the free plan denies you access to some essential features such as advanced segmentation and live chat support. The only support provided is through email.

Their paid plan, which starts at $10 per month, comes with email builder, contact segmentation, and tracking. Mail is delivered to subscribers according to their time zones and geographic location.

Integrating Mailchimp with other platforms such as WordPress and Shopify is simple. However, Mailchimp still does not offer multiple automation features compared to the other emailing platforms reviewed. This is true even though they recently added lots of features to their platform.

6.- MailerLite – Most affordable mass email service

MailerLite Most affordable mass email service

Mailerlite is designed to help you grow your subscribers and build stronger ties. A notable feature of MailerLite is the drag and drop editor (which is also available in the 14-day free trial plan), that allows you to create beautiful and professional campaigns and newsletters.

Other notable features, such as email automation and segmentation, make it easy to send personalized emails to the target group.

The Track Results tool aids in monitoring the performance of your campaigns through reports, surveys, and click maps. It is also possible to see the response of subscribers by location.

MailerLite pricing system starts at a free trial period, which includes up to 1,000 subscribers, allowing you to send up to 12,000 emails. For an unlimited number of emails, the plan starts at $10 per month and goes up to $50 per month.

MailerLite offers support through video tutorials and 24/7 email and lives chat support.

7.- Keap – Best email service for small business

Keap Best email service for small business

Keap is one of the best email marketing services that simplify work for small businesses so that they can focus on creating more leads. Founded in 2001, the platform organizes your subscribers’ information in a single place so you can avoid repetitive tasks.

Keaps’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)features include calendar, email marketing, lead scoring, mobile access, segmentation, and territory management. These tools ensure mail is delivered to the right audience.

Keap offers support through in-person, live chat, webinars, and documentation. The paid plan starts at $79 per month and gives you access to all the advanced features.

8.- SendinBlue – Best bulk email service for beginners

SendinBlue - Best bulk email service for beginners

SendinBlue is simple and easy to use and one of the best email newsletter services that are rapidly gaining popularity in Europe. Even beginners with little experience in marketing can comfortably use the platform.

Their simple automation tools help you create professional and beautiful campaigns, create and monitor workflows, send bulk emails, and segment customers. SendinBlue Al algorithms ensure excellent mail delivery rates.

The free plan includes up to 300 emails per day, but the emails will be delivered with their logo. The Lite plan starts at $25 per month and goes up to $66 per month for the Premium plan, which allows you to send up to 120,000 emails per month. Recently, there were additional advanced features to the premium plan, such as live chat, Facebook ads, and landing page builder.

You can easily integrate your WordPress site to the bulk email marketing service offered by SendinBlue as a separate feature. You might find this feature helpful if you own a large website and want to send emails based on specific content.

9.- Drip – Best email marketing automation tools

Drip Best email marketing automation tools

Drip offers powerful yet straightforward automation tools for bloggers, startups, and digital marketers. Drip can be seamlessly integrated into other platforms, thus making it easy to create more leads.
Tools designed to help you reach more customers include quick email segmenting, workflow builder, signup forms, and list groups.

Drips’ smart eCommerce marketing automation is a feature that lets you send bulk emails without losing your personal touch.

Drip email pricing starts from $49 per month, even though there is a free trial. Support options include webinars, free guides, live chat support, and documentation.

Wrap up- Choosing the Best Email Marketing Services

Choosing the right email marketing platform, email marketing software, or service might seem a bit tricky. We want to ensure you select what suits your business needs ,and fits within your budget.

  1. Constant Contact – Best email service provider
  2. ConvertKit – Best email tool for publishers
  3. GetResponse – Best email blast service for webinar marketing
  4. AWeber – Most popular email service company
  5. Mailchimp – Best all-in-one marketing automation suite
  6. MailerLite – Most Affordable mass email service
  7. Keap – Best email service
  8. Sendinblue – Best bulk email service for beginners
  9. Drip – Best email marketing automation tool

After a reviewing of the best email marketing platforms, and services here is our verdict:

Constant Contact is perfect for newbies in the marketing field. Their pricing system is affordable, and they have an excellent support team to help you succeed in your campaigns. Ideal for small businesses or charitable organizations. If you run an online store, then Drip might be the right choice because they have powerful automation tools for eCommerce.

ConvertKit best suits professional bloggers and authors who want a user-friendly platform with advanced features to help them connect with their audience. We recommend SendinBlue if you are a small business owner who wants a combination of emailing and SMS sending services. There is no need to open different accounts for these services; all can be managed in a single interface. Their forever free plan makes them an ideal choice for many.

Hopefully, this email service provider comparisons will serve as an informative guide for you. Just in case you’re need you in need of extra help feel free you visit our learning center, and our free resource page.

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